Dr. Neil S. Kaye M.D. is a specialist and expert witness in Forensic Psychiatry, his testimony has had a major impact on high profile cases and studies. The following are news and media links that mention or feature Dr. Kaye.

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Neil S. Kaye, MD, DFAPA and Graham Glancy, MB, ChB, FRC Psych, FRCP (C),

Q.:?? Should I ask the referring attorney who else has already evaluated the case?
This is a very challenging question and we are certain there are as many answers as there are AAPL members.?? Nonetheless, we will not run from an attempt to address such an important and controversial topic.?? For educational purposes, Neil will address the ???pro??? side and Graham will address the ???con??? side.
Neil S. Kaye, MD, and Bob Sadoff, Interview

Q.:?? The plaintiff in a civil suit, pro se against his parents (alleging sexual abuse,) is serving two life sentences.?? The records are clear that he has an antisocial personality and no other diagnosis.?? Why should I even try to interview this ???jailhouse lawyer????

Neil S. Kaye, MD, and Bob Sadoff, On Evauation NGRI GBMI??Interviews

Q.?? I am asked by a lawyer to evaluate a man for a NGRI or GBMI defense, but the charges are pretty minor. Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.


Neil S. Kaye, MD, and Bob Sadoff, MD , Discuss the use of Google in Evaluation

Q.:?? Is it appropriate to ???Google??? an evaluee?

Dr. Neil S. Kaye, named 2013 Healthcare Professional of the Year;

Fatal Attraction: Behind The Facade | PDF Format
48 Hours focuses on the Tom Capano trial and subsequent conviction for the murder of Anne Marie Fahey

Letter to the Editor : American Journal of Psychiatry | PDF Format
Dr. Kaye points to errors in “Infanticide” article, in which he served as media consultant.

The Psychiatrist as an Expert Witness. Choosing Wisely. Dr. Kaye is referred to as “one of the world’s leading experts on neonaticide/infanticide”.

An Open-Label Trial of Donepezil (Aricept) in the Treatment of Persons With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury | PDF Format
Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci 15:383-384, August 2003 ?? 2003 American Psychiatric Press, Inc.

Evidence Based Clinical Medicine | PDF Format
Accurate diagnosis of mood disorders is critical for treatment to be effective. Distinguishing between major depression and bipolar disorders.

How Common Are Bipolar Disorders?
Misdiagnosing Bipolar Depression As Unipolar Depression.
Report on the Shanabarger Trial PDF
Ronald L. Shanabarger told his wife he’d killed their son. The next day he gave police a confession saying that not only did he kill the boy, he planned the crime even before the child was conceived as a way of exacting revenge against his wife.
Dr. Kaye Submits Report to: The Medical Society of Delaware, Mental Health, Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Committee

Dr. Neil S. Kaye receives Red Apple award PDF | From The American Academy of Forensic Science

Book Review | PDF Format
Review of, Symptom-Focused Psychiatric Drug Therapy for Managed Care
by S. Joseph, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.; Binghamton, New York, Haworth Medical Press, 1997, of S

Del. Pilot Gives Needy a Lift PDF | Original: News Journal, DE 09/05
This ‘angel’ needs no wings. His love of flying, and his helicopter, provide the means to lend a helping hand. When not in his Pike Creek office, Neil Kaye can sometimes be found using his helicopter to take patients to get their medical treatments.

Dr. Neil Kaye wins Angel Flight AwardPDF |

Angel Flight Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Applications